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The #1 guide to REAL wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, liquidators and drop shippers.

"Find A Wholesale Supplier For Any Product You Want In Just A Few Minutes…And Pay Up To 80% Below Wholesale Prices!"

What ever it is that you are looking for, whether it be brand name consumer electronics, clothing, auto parts, pet supplies, bicycles etc....you are about to find out exactly where and how to get it.

Here is an example of just a small, tiny fraction of actual products you will soon be able to find (these prices may seem "too good to be true" but they are actual prices):


Swiss Army Chronograph watches: Retail $300.00, YOU PAY $43.00
13” - 24” chrome luxury car wheels (rims): Retail up to $700/ wheel, YOU PAY as low as $60.00/ wheel (rims with “spinners” available)
Brand name Laptop computers: as low as $200
Brand name Mini DV video camcorders: as low as $88
MINI / POCKET BIKES: Retail up to $1000, YOU PAY as low as $102.00
Brand name MP3 players: Retail $125-$250, YOU PAY as low as $20.00
Brand name 5mp Digital cameras: Retail $500, YOU PAY $150.00
Brand name Portable DVD players: Retail $299.00, YOU PAY $112.00
2 handset cordless phone set: Retail $219.99, YOU PAY $37.00
Brand name running shoes (Nike, Addidas, Reebok etc.): as low as $15
Designer clothing (Polo, Lacoste, Diesel, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger etc.) up to 95% off
Brand name Plasma TV’s: Retail up to $10,000, you pay as low as $600

*These are ACTUAL prices from just some of the suppliers I was able to find through the "sources" I'm about to share with you. These prices were found on Dec. 7 2005 and are subject to change at any time.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

If you are interested in getting your hands on the products you want at the lowest possible prices AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, this letter is for you. Why?

Because I'm about to teach you exactly where and how to find real wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, and drop-shippers for any product you want in just a few minutes and pay up to 80% below wholesale.

No searching through hundreds of irrelevant and outdated links.
No fake suppliers whose prices are too high.
No more wasted valuable time.
No B.S.

Who am I to make these bold statements? What makes me an "expert" on finding wholesale suppliers?

Let me tell you straight away, I'm no "guru" or "expert". I'm just a regular person, like you. But, what makes me different from you, is the fact that for the past 3 months I've been extensively researching ways to find wholesale suppliers.

This is what I did for the past 3 months:

I have interviewed over 50 eBay power sellers from all over the world (U.S.A, Australia, Japan, Canada etc.) and got them to reveal exactly where and how they get their hands on the hot and profitable products they sell to make tens of thousands of dollars per month.

I have bought exactly 26 “wholesale lists” (expensive!) from my competitors. 80% of the information was useless. I took the remaining 20% of useful information and threw it into MY guide.

I have contacted and dealt with over 500 suppliers and can now say I am a pro at negotiating with even the most stubborn suppliers.

As you can imagine, I’ve learned A LOT from all this research. I’ve done all the “leg work”. Then, I stuffed everything into a nice and simple, easy to read, straight to the point, no fluff, no B.S. wholesale guide.

Here is just some things I learned during my research:

If it is sold in stores it can be bought from a wholesale supplier. This means that what ever it is that you are looking for, you can find a wholesale supplier for it...you just have to know where to look.

Successful online sellers (eBay powersellers, Yahoo sellers, website owners etc.) can find a wholesale supplier for any product in just a few minutes. They don't need to spend weeks searching through the Internet just to find a supplier, because they know exactly where to look (soon, you will too).

There is more to making a deal with a supplier than knowing their website address. You need to know how to deal with the suppliers you find in order do get what you want (best prices, order quantities, drop shipping arrangements etc.)

50% off a pair of jeans is not wholesale prices! You can get those kinds of deals in department store sales (real wholesale prices are a lot lower than that)

Most real suppliers will provide drop-shipping at no extra charge, while most fake online "drop-shippers" will charge you an extra fee for the service on top of their already high prices.

There is a ton of people claiming to be real wholesalers but they're really middle men. These people buy their products at wholesale prices, then, they mark up the prices by 20%-40%. The marked up prices are still below retail, BUT well above the actual wholesale price. Hint: don't deal with these people.

Sometimes the only way to make money selling something on the internet is to buy the products you sell at prices below wholesale. This is because products sold on the Internet are sold well below retail prices (sometimes as low as wholesale).

The real "secret" information is not the suppliers themselves, but how and where to find them as easy and quickly as possible (this is exactly what you will learn in a few minutes)

I have also learned that most wholesale lists (I bought 26) give you no helpful advice on what to do with the information you get when you buy them. There is no advice on dealing with suppliers. No advice on starting with no money. All they give you is a bunch of links and you are on your own!

It does not matter if you sell a gazzilion dollars worth of products, what matters is how much of that money you keep (profit). This is why it is so important to buy your products at the lowest prices possible (below wholesale): the less you pay for your products the more money you get to keep when you actually sell the products.

But, the most important thing I have learned is exactly how and where to find a wholesale supplier for anything you want, in just a few minutes and even pay up to 80% below wholesale. And that is the most important thing you will learn in the....

"Buy ANYTHING Wholesale"

Once you get your hands on the "Buy Anything Wholesale" guide, you will also learn...

How to easily find a wholesale supplier, manufacturer, or drop shipper for virtually any product you want...in just a few minutes.

How to get your products for up to 80% below wholesale prices (imagine the profit margins!).

Simple methods to getting around a supplier's minimum order quantities.

Exactly how to deal with suppliers in order to get what you want (best prices, order quantities, drop shipping arrangements etc.)

The amazing secrets behind backdoor suppliers...how to get your hands on the really prestigious items like real Rolex watches, without having a dealers license.

How to start with no money or products to sell...you can start virtually from scratch (a must if you are on a tight budget).

The golden rule that you MUST follow before you make any deal with a supplier (this can lead to literally thousands of dollars in saved money for only half an hour of your time.)

How to work less hours and make more money. A simple formula used by some of today's biggest online sellers to choose the products they want to sell and make the most amount of money in the least amount of time with no extra effort (this is truly fool proof!)

How to choose the perfect product to sell. Learn which products will bring in the biggest profit margins.

Just for fun...exactly how wholesale lists are made. You can make your own wholesale list in under 10 minutes.

Simple ways to dramatically increase your profits, without working any harder or raising your prices.

Things to watch out for (there are a lot of ways to lose money on the internet, especially if you don’t know what to watch out for).

What to do when a supplier refuses to give you samples.

What to do when a supplier accepts only one kind of payment method.

How to NOT get ripped off by the many con artists and scumbags.

The simple truth about drop shipping, and how easy it is to find a reliable drop shipper. It's more simple than you think.

The one irresistible offer you can make a supplier to make them forget about those large minimum order quantities. They will love you for it, and will want to do business with you again and again.

How to get your products fresh from the factory (this is where wholesalers get their products.)

The most important thing of all...You can find a supplier for ANY product you want! What product do you want? Shoes? Clothing? Electronics? Weird gadgets? Fish supplies? Computers? Travel mugs? Roller blades? Hi-tech digital computer pens? How about hair bands? Sports equipment? Musical instruments? Sewage treatment plants (yes, you can get that too :)? The point I'm trying to make is that whatever product you are looking for, you will find a reliable supplier for it using the "Buy ANYTHING Wholesale" guide.

And you will learn much much more (over 40 pages more!) of extremely valuable information and advice!

How Much is all this Information
Worth to You?

Remember, I've spent literally hundreds of hours researching the best possible ways of getting products for wholesale prices.

I've interviewed over 50 eBay power sellers, bought 26 wholesale lists, and contacted over 500 wholesale suppliers, manufacturers and drop shippers.

I've spent countless sleepless nights sifting through all this information, getting rid of the junk, and keeping only the best of the best.

The final result is a no fluff, straight to the point wholesale guide, chuck full of ONLY the cream of the crop resources, information and advice.

So, how much is all this information worth to you? How much is the ability to find a supplier for anything, anytime you want, worth to you?


Yup, that's right... I'm giving it away for FREE! My friends think I'm crazy...  and they should, because...

My competitors charge about $950.00, for information on finding only ONE type of product (for example, Nike shoe wholesale list, cell phones wholesale lists, etc.)

With my guide you can find a supplier for ANY product you want (you can find a supplier for nike shoes, cell phones and millions of other products).

So, in theory, this makes my guide millions of times more valuable than my competitors'.

But I still give my guides away for FREE!


You get the "Buy ANYTHING Wholesale" guide for FREE

Start contacting real suppliers for the products you want in just a few minutes after you order the "Buy ANYTHING Wholesale" guide!

I am extremely confident that you will absolutely love the "Buy ANYTHING Wholesale" guide, because I have spent a lot of effort making my product live up to the claims I make on this website.


You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose. Order Your FREE Guide TODAY!

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P.S. If you came to this website looking for information on finding wholesale suppliers, this guide is for you. No other wholesale directory can match our offer!


P.S.S This guide is updated annually.



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